Firm Overview

The Connolly Law Office believes a thorough understanding of the law is a powerful tool and is key to success for our clients. Sean Connolly relies on experience, skills, and techniques developed over two successive generations. Sean assumed control of his father’s law practice and continues a proud tradition of excellence and high quality legal representation. With thorough preparation, in-depth knowledge of the law, and familiarity with even the most minute details of applicable statutes, rules, and regulations, Sean Connolly has a clear understanding of his clients rights and is willing to fight to defend their claims.

At the Connolly Law Office, our areas of practice include:

Overweight Truck Defense - Many trucking companies absorb fees for overweight violations as a normal and necessary cost of doing business. Often, truck companies do not realize, they can fight back, demand justice, and recover fines, fees, and costs. Sean Connolly knows the law and issues affecting trucks and other freight carriers. Contact our firm to learn more about your rights.

Criminal Law - Sean Connolly is a former criminal prosecutor with extensive courtroom experience. Sean provides individuals facing criminal charges affirmative solutions for their legal defense. He handles cases from DUI and traffic violations to charges of drug possession, battery, and homicide. With knowledge, diligence, and experience, Sean provides his clients with a level of comfort, knowing they are in good hands.

Civil Litigation - At the Connolly Law Office, we are skilled at litigating a wide array of disputes affecting individuals and businesses, including commercial disputes, collection of debts, and personal injury claims. We work with clients to consider all legal avenues available to achieve the most favorable results. Mr. Connolly works closely with clients to strategize and develop sound and effective trial strategies and tactics to achieve the best results possible.

At the Connolly Law Office, we stand behind our word and the quality of our work product. Mr. Connolly works personally with clients upfront to set goals, outline courses of action, and discuss the costs or fees clients can expect to incur during litigation. We give clients the tools needed to make informed decisions on important matters affecting their case. We live up to our promises and work tirelessly to achieve favorable solutions.

Contact our office today to explore your legal options and learn more about our services and legal solutions available to you.