Overweight Truck Defense

Overweight Truck Defense

Trucking companies, crane companies, semi-trailers, waste haulers, and other freight carriers often face violations for noncompliance with weight limits on city, county, and state roadways. Overweight fines range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Many trucking companies reluctantly pay these fines, assuming the expenditure as a normal cost of doing business. Sean Connolly provides truckers and trucking companies with alternative solutions. He has a solid understanding of the applicable laws and works with clients to defend their violations, seeking dismissal of the fines or a significant reduction of the fines.

Remedy for Overweight Violations - Sean Connolly works with clients to determine the best approach to overweight violations; options range from negotiating a reduction in fines to bringing the case to trial. With a firm grasp of the law, Sean guarantees superb legal representation, whether negotiating a settlement or defending the claim in court. Mr. Connolly will vigorously pursue justice and fair resolutions in every case he handles. In doing so, Sean helps clients analyze the situation from a business standpoint and weigh the cost of defending the violation against the fees being imposed and the likelihood of reaching a favorable result.

Mr. Connolly thoroughly understands the legal issues facing construction, crane, waste, and trucking companies. While in college, Sean worked on a garbage truck for a refuse company during summer and winter breaks from school. He experienced firsthand trucks and freight haulers stopped for overweight violations. Since then, Sean has acquired a keen understanding of the truck enforcement laws in Illinois. Additionally, Sean attends truck enforcement courses designed for police officers and serves as a Board Member of the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association (ITEA). ITEA is an association for law enforcement, trucking companies, and attorneys to promote the fair application of truck enforcement laws in Illinois.

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